Jump Dance Studio has turned my daughter's interest in dancing into a passion. Miss Juliette's nurturance and guidance has brought out determination and discipline in my daughter that I didn't know a 5 year old could possess.


I've seen my girl change in just a few short months due to Miss Juliette's ability and confidence in my daughter. From day one, she saw a spark in my girl and has encouraged her to break out of her shell, take risks, and push herself to a point now where she is confident and excited to be in dance. I don't think any other studio could have done that for her.


On top of that, Miss Juliette instills a great sense of teamwork and camaraderie amongst the girls on the dance team to where they have bonded with each other and encourage each other to be their best. So not only has my daughter fallen in love with Miss Juliette and Jump Dance Studio, but she also is making wonderful friendships with girls who share her love of dance.


I couldn't be happier in my decision to enroll my girl in Jump Dance.


I cannot say enough amazing things about this dance studio. The owners and instructors are top notch.  They put their hearts and souls into their dancers and treat the kids like family. They have been growing at a nice pace since they opened. Their location is on a busy block so you can bring your child to dance and run errands if you need to. My daughter continues to improve each year she spends dancing at Jump.


JUMP Dance Studio is amazing. We are entering my daughters 3rd year there and we couldn't be happier. We were welcomed with open arms into a wonderful dance family. My daughter has made some truly best friends, is having the time of her life, and winning too! Every year she becomes a stronger and more determined dancer.


I highly recommend this dance studio to anyone interested in becoming part of a family ❤️


Jump Dance Studio has exceeded all of our expectations by far. Our daughter has always enjoyed dancing, yet Jump has taken her love of dance and music to another level.  Her technique, style and overall skills have improved significantly since she began attending.


Every professional and teacher puts forth one hundred percent of their time, energy and dedication to support each student in enhancing their strengths and perfecting their dance skills. When we enrolled in Jump, not only did we start a dance class but we have also gained an extended family.


Miss Juliette takes each child under her wing and supports them while teaching them how to work as a team, respect each other and focus on the group instead of the individual. Just as much time is focused on team spirit, social values and working together as a group as they do on dancing, mechanics and personal strengths. This atmosphere makes each child more motivated to do their best and work together as a group.


We could not have been more pleased with a dance studio as we are with Jump.


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